My typical training week.


I order to keep my body in good shape, I train 6 to 7 days a week. Yes, I’m crazy. Its tough, but its possible. Everyone has 24hrs in a day, so taking out time to exercise is just a matter of whether you want it or not.

My entire training revolves around Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, which are my key running days. Tuesdays are always meant for Interval Training as it is a really intensive form of training, its ideal to keep it as far as possible from the Long Slow Distance (LSD) on Sunday. Thursdays are varied from tempo runs, 2.4km time trials, hill repeats. Sunday is reserved for Long Slow Distance as it is a good day to simulate actual race day conditions, as most races are on Sunday morning.

I hit the pool on Monday, Wednesday & Friday during lunch, to train for my triathlon, as well as to cross train to spare my joints from taking too much damage. I also do abs exercises in these evenings to strengthen the core.

Saturdays are meant as a REST day, where I do less intensive physical exercises, but helps in developing other aspects. I tried resting completely & lazing around the whole day, but after awhile, I just couldn’t stand the feeling of sitting around & not doing a single thing the entire day. I felt so lethargic after my REST day, so I guess, its better now with a small bit of exercise.

Singapore Sports Council has early morning pool sessions where its competition pools around the island are open at 0630hrs on specific days. Its great for my BRICK training, where I go for a swim first, then followed by the run at the stadium beside. Its a timed training, so I practice for time in my swim, transition, & run to simulate actual day happenings in the triathlon.

However, do note that it can be quite crowded from 0630 – 0800hrs during early pool sessions as many working adults head there for a early swim. For more information on early pool sessions, go to Singapore Sports Council Website.

I do not focus too much on my arms as I find that at times my arms feel too heavy & requires a lot of energy during a run to support, hence I only have one session of arms & chest training, preferably on monday, in order to shift the attention away from the legs for that day after a LSD on Sunday. I do 30 pull-ups in a go on Wednesday after the pool session just to maintain the integrity of my pull-up muscle groups. Its definitely a far cry from the pull-up regime I had in the military.

I try to make training as fuss-free as possible, i.e. I don’t travel far to workout, so I can save time on commuting, & workouts do not last more than an hour(except for LSDs & longer tempo runs). I prefer to workout alone as it is far quicker as there is no need to rely on the availability of your training partner & I tend to be more focused on the training aspect. However, during LSD runs, I prefer to run with others as it is a good time to catch up & distract yourself over long distances.

To clock mileage, I try to run home as a form of commuting. Its a good way to travel, & beat the peak-hour congestion. Best part is that you don’t have to worry if there is a shower when you arrive at your destination.

I also avoid the gym as I prefer doing workouts in a non-airconditioning environment to produce more perspiration, & whatever I can do in the gym, I feel I can do better outdoors. I struggle to run on a treadmill, & can do no longer than 3km distance, as I feel like a hamster on the wheel. Often having to look towards the belt of the treadmill to ensure have proper footing, which takes away the efficiency of running.

Lastly, I maintain a very disciplined lifestyle, no supper, getting enough sleep, rising early, jumping out of bed, heading out of the door quickly. Its not easy, & I didn’t get to this state overnight. I had everything progressively increased, from training 3 times a week, to 6 times a week, from training once a day, to thrice a day, over the course of months as to prevent suffering from injury.

My typical training week:
Monday – Chest & Arms(AM), Swim(Lunch), Core Workout(PM)
Tuesday – Interval Speedwork(AM)
Wednesday – BRICK + 30 Pull-ups(AM), Swim(Lunch), Core Workout(PM)
Thursday – Tempo Run/2.4km Time Trial/Hill Repeats(AM)
Friday – Static Cardio(AM), Swim(Lunch), Core Workout(PM)
Saturday – REST Day: Light Running Drills, Casual Swim, Stretching & Breathing
Sunday – LSD (Long Slow Distance)