25 to 25


In a month’s time I’ll turn 25. Yes, a Quarter of a Century.

Since my 24th birthday, I have been mulling my impending milestone in life. In fact, during the last whole year, my head seems to tell me that I am already 25. Maybe that is because I have been telling people about how I am out to do 25 BIG things to celebrate my 25th birthday. It is a 2 year journey throughout the start of 24th to the end of 25th birthday.

Call it a Quarter-life crisis, but I do feel I am a little older than before, but that does not mean, I cannot continue to outperform myself continually. Majority of runners do not peak till they are in their late 20s to early 30s. Physically, I feel I have not peaked yet. Week-in, week-out, I have been outdoing myself in training. It does feel good to be doing so, feeling like you are on a continuos upward climb, especially when I am just at a Quarter way through my life.

I don’t want to live a mundane life after university life, dragging myself to work everyday, being stuck in the rat race. I’d rather be in a real race anytime of day. Its the competition that drives me; competition against yourself, to continually challenge yourself & break your own limits.

Breaking the SUB40 10k mark is just one of the 25 things I’ve set out to do.


Another one of my 25 BIG things that I wanted to do was to learn how to swim & complete a triathlon. It has been something that have been bugging me since last year when I was on a road trip up in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. We found a waterfall, & after we parked, we went to check it out. There were many people climbing high up & jumping into the waterfall.

Eating Meatball Subs @ Cedar Creek Falls

Eating Meatball Subs @ Cedar Creek Falls

I really wanted to do it then, but was urged not to, as I did not know how to swim. I have done confidence jumps from 5m dive boards above a deep pool during OCS, but it was under supervision & watchful eyes of professional lifeguards. Hence, I left the waterfall, without jumping down, & it has been bugging me ever since.

They say the best way to conquer your fear, is to face it. And so, I registered myself into a triathlon, albeit a freshman/discovery one (200m swim, 10km bike, 2.4km run). This was a commitment I set out to follow through, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, talking to friends, telling family about my mission.

Come 18 August 2013, I might be the last to FINISH, but I have put in the training, & I will FINISH no matter what. One fine day, I will go back to Cedar Creek Falls & jump down that waterfall.