How to Qualify for Boston Marathon?


2014 Qualifying Times:
The current qualifying for Boston Marathon in the 18-34 Age Group is 3hrs 05mins for Men.

Credits: Boston Athletics Association

Credits: Boston Athletics Association

Let’s break it down:

42.195km = 3hr 05mins = 185mins
1km = 4min 23secs
2.4km = 10min 31secs
10km = 40mins 23secs
21km = 1hr 32mins 07secs

This means I would have to run at a speed of 4min 23sec/km throughout the entire marathon. To run a very even marathon is pretty impossible given differences in elevation along the course and fatigue setting in. In order to meet this 4min 23sec/km pacing, I have planned break my PB on three major distances starting with a SUB40 10km this year, followed by a SUB1hr30 21km in 2014, SUB4hr FM in 2015, SUB3hr30 FM in 2016.

Target Time:
2013 – 10km : < 40’00”
2014 – 21km : < 1:30’00”
2015 – 42.195km : < 4:00’00”
2016 – 42.195km : < 3:30’00”
2017 – 42.195km : < 3:05’00”

I definitely think these are achievable goals if the work is put in.