You are what you eat.


I am no dietitian or nutritionist, but I take care of my diet & nutrition. If you stuff junk food into your body, your body will become junk.

Just think of your body as your favourite sports car. You have a multi-million dollar car, you won’t want to put in diesel or 91, 95, or 98 petrol. Only the best for your car, V-Power! If you pump anything lesser, it will not perform at its optimum efficiency & maximum effectiveness.

When your car is new, you might not feel the difference. You might not feel the difference when you are younger, as you are in school & have to partake in PE (Physical Education) Lessons, & your metabolism rate is much higher. But as you age, your metabolism slows down & you stop doing any physical activity, that’s when the trouble starts.

You want your car to be well oiled, & engine to be firing in all cylinders, enabling you to switch gears & accelerate to overtake when required. Bring on the car cliches!

What I’m trying to drive at(no pun intended) is, treat your body as you would treat your brand new car, take her for a spin, buy the best accessories, gear, tune-up the engine, check the water & engine oil, & pump the right petrol for it.

Only fuel(okay, last one!) your body with the best foods, leave the unhealthy foods aside.