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Earlier this year, I was deciding if I wanted to take the plunge into doing LASIK. I consulted friends and I got mixed reviews. At first glance, LASIK provides instant freedom of movement, and spectacle free days. But after talking to some people, the chances of relapsing were quite high and some of my friends were back to spectacles even after doing LASIK a couple of years ago. In the end, I decided against it, & decided to stick to the tried and tested spectacles and contact lenses combination.


Racing at Singapore Int’l Triathlon ’17 | Photo Credits: Ming Ham / wow2wow (Frame model : Charlie)

Coincidentally, I was given the opportunity by Nanyang Optical and SportOn Eyewear to test out some revolutionary eyewear: COOSH by Urband, which was recently released in Singapore. I took them out to play last weekend at the Singapore International Triathlon 2017 (read my race report here).

File 15-9-17, 5 18 05 PM

Racing at Singapore Int’l Triathlon ’17 | Photo Credits: Alden Low (Frame model : Charlie)

Personally, I have had my struggles with spectacles ever since I was a kid in K2 (yes, bad habits started young, LOL), when I was diagnosed as myopic, as somehow my ears are uneven in height (don’t ask me why, it just is!) hence, frames would get out of shape after awhile. And not forgetting the nerdy ear hooks I had to use to secure them after they got loose!

You can watch the stress test demo here:

I wear prescription spectacles majority of the time throughout the week (hard to believe aye!), at work and even in training, and I mostly wear contact lenses for races (so I can wear shades), or whenever go in front of the camera.

What I was most impressed with was, COOSH by Urband’s durable frame’s fit and flexibility. It sits well on the nose, without slippage even after a long run, and what is better is the earsocks can bend till its fully straight, something that I have never seen in any other product on the market. (check out my Instagram post here: @rndzy).

File 15-9-17, 5 14 14 PM.jpeg

COOSH presciptive glasses in its trademark all black frames (Frame model: Alpha).

To be honest, because my prescription is relatively high (600+), once paired with the frames, it is not the lightest on the market, but I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds, and where COOSH loses in weight, it wins in robustness and durability.

The frames come in four different designs, Frame Alpha to Delta: which provides you with different looks and also sizes that fit different face shapes. It is also available in both prescriptive glasses and a more sporty alternative – polarized sports shades, which I sport in more of my social media posts.

File 15-9-17, 5 29 25 PM.jpeg

Off the track, COOSH is also a pretty decent lifestyle alternative when you head out. (Frame model : Charlie)

With the recent emphasis on reducing average screen time to improve our health, more people are taking up the option of wearing BlueProtect lenses to protect their eyes against blue light that is emitted from screens. And as a heavy social media user, who needs to catch up with the latest on socials, I definitely cannot run away from staring at screens for long hours, hence, this is a real necessity for me too.

File 15-9-17, 5 15 34 PM.jpeg

Zeiss Vision BlueProtect lenses actively helping me while I catch up on social media (Frame model : Alpha)

The good news is from now till 31 October 2017, you can save SGD$280 on Zeiss Vision BlueProtect lenses when you pair it with a set of COOSH by Urband frames, simply by quoting my Instagram handle <RNDZY> or flashing my Instagram Post here at any of the 15 Nanyang Optical outlets around Singapore.

File 15-9-17, 5 15 54 PM.jpeg

COOSH paired with ZEISS Vision BlueProtect lenses (Frame model : Alpha)

To see the full list of outlets, you can visit this link.

File 15-9-17, 5 16 21 PM.jpeg

COOSH stands out from the crowd (Frame model : Alpha)

Its been awhile since I’ve reviewed a product, and I definitely see myself using COOSH for quite a foreseeable future. Remember, you only have a pair of eyes, do take care of them, whichever option you decide to go with in the end!

File 15-9-17, 5 29 42 PM

Versatility has met its match (Frame model : Charlie)

Hasty out! have a sporty week ahead =)

Read more about COOSH here:

What is COOSH?

COOSH is the is the latest revolutionary eyewear product line from Sport On Eyewear, by Nanyang Optical.

It features the world’s first patented spring hinge technology in eyewear. The firm yet responsive spring coil design allows for a secured and comfortable fit, that meets the needs of sporty people.

Developed by a multi-award winning design team, the glasses are known for its classic black frames, similar to type of frames made popular by those serving NS. In fact, I was told it was from there which COOSH by Urband got its inspiration from.

The main difference between COOSH and other prescriptive eyewear lies mainly in its ability to withstand impact from various angles without loss of functionality or breaking (due to its high-tech springback function), making this an ideal choice for those who live an active life of sports or adventure, and would rather not wear contact lenses (can’t wear them for too long these days =( ) or undergo Lasik surgery (like me!)

Key Features:


  • Well-balanced fit for long term wearing comfort
  • Spring coil and its robust “spring back” function, providing excellent holding power on the face.
  • Impact absorbency and immediate recovery after impact.

Patented Spring Technology

  • Secured Fit
  • Vertical Free Range Movement
  • Anti-corrosion/rust
  • Precision engineered spring

Military Grade Nylon TR90

  • Superb Comfort and flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic

Silicone nose pad and rubber temple tip

  • Slip resistant
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic


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