Race Report: Singapore International Triathlon 2017


Team HAWKER finished First in the recently concluded Singapore International Triathlon 2017 on 10 September 2017.

File 15-9-17, 5 18 42 PM

Coincidentally, this was our triathlon relay debut. We raced in the Mini Category – 200m Swim + 12km Bike + 2km Run. It all started out as a casual conversation between Wei Liang & myself, when I challenged him to do the Singapore Aquathlon in October. In the end, somehow it became a team effort, and we thought it was a good idea to do the Triathlon the month before as well. The first biker that came to mind, was Alden, who was a triathlete with biking as his strength. Before we knew it, we were all signed up for the race.

The race start was delayed due to the adjustment of the buoys in the water (from 750m course to 200m course). Little did I know, an unfortunate incident had happened prior to that, and we lost one of our fellow triathletes that morning. A moment of silence for him.

Photo 10-9-17, 10 51 22 AM.jpg

Back to the race, the gun went, and Wei Liang flew into the water. Rushing back to the transition to catch the action, I alerted Alden and before I knew it, it the first swimmer was out of the water & onto the lawn headed for the transition. Lo and behold, it was not Wei Liang. I was a tad worried. But within 20 seconds, I saw a ripped, tanned swimmer, emerging from the beach. It was Wei Liang. I cheered at the top of my lungs for him to “SPRINT!” to the transition.

Photo 10-9-17, 10 54 26 AM

Sprint he did, and he had a lightning quick transition. & onto Alden. We were a tad worried as the team infront had potentially extended the lead as we did not see the biker exit the “Bike Out”. I knew from experience at Tri-Factor Bike 2016 that a great bike leg could easily crush the competition.

While Alden was biking out, I quickly changed my shoes as I had wrong sized shoes on. Apparently my feet enlarged from size 9.5 to 10.5 from 2010 to 2017. I did some striding and last minute warm-up at the transition area. The tension built up as the clock wound-down. “Around 20 minutes”, Alden, when asked how long he would take to complete the 12km bike leg. On the clock was way past 20 minutes, and out of no where, a guy shouting, “Sorry! Bike!” charging down the “Bike In” Tunnel. We cheered him on, “Alden! Rack your bike! Helmet off!” as he quickly racked up his bike and took off his helmet.

At this point we knew we were in first place, and it was crucial we extend the lead in the run leg. 2km was a short distance, it was make or break, a faster than 2.4km pace was required for this. On the U-turn, I didn’t see anyone headed my way, so I eased up a little to save for any potential last minute dashes. Coming down the home straight, I knew we were first, and it was a victory lap, well deserved one.

File 15-9-17, 5 18 05 PM.jpeg
Till the next one, Hasty out.


I was wearing COOSH Sunglasses by Urband, provided by SportOn Eyewear by Nanyang Optical for this run. Stay tuned for my full review on them!


Photo Credits: Ming Ham / wow2wow

Also a big shoutout to Ming Ham for capturing some amazing photos, check out his portfolio here:

Ming Ham | wow2wow

Photo 10-9-17, 10 49 09 AM.jpg

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