2017/18 Boston Bid – Quick Overview


I am turning the big 3-0 next year & I recently I have become quite reflective and introspective about life. The initial lofty goal I set out to do – of qualifying for Boston Marathon – has taken a backseat so many times over the course of the last four years. The closest I’ve been to had to be two years ago in 2015 when I did 1:23’54” at SCHKM only to DNF at Tokyo Marathon. But this goal has a deadline, and its to qualify by the time I hit 30.

Broad Plan
2017 has whizzed by and its already almost April! Where has the time gone? I wonder about this very much as well. What’s the will to succeed without the will to prepare?

The broad plan will be largely based in Singapore and I intend to finish off what I started in Hong Kong early 2018. Training locally brings consistency to the table. No travelling overseas to run, and utter dedication to training, possibly forgoing any form of social life on the weekdays. This also means I will have to break every of my local PBs, including overall PBs in the 15km, 32km, and 42.195km.

30 Jul – Singtel – Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 15km (Target: 60mins – Avg 4:00/km Pace)
20 Aug – Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 21.1km (Target: 1’25” – Avg 4:00/km Pace)
XX Oct – Newton Challenge – 32km (Target: 2’08” to 2’16” – Avg 4:00/km to 4:15/km Pace)
03 Dec – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017 – 42.195km (3’05” – 3’10” – Avg 4:23/km to 4:30/km Pace)

XX Jan –  Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018 (Target: BQ 2’59” – 3’02” – 4:15/km to 4:19/km)

Is it possible to do it? I strongly believe it is possible given the right training, patience, dedication, and a little luck. My name is Randall Wu, and with that I am checking in.

Tell me what you think about my racing plan!

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